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Jennifer Saak

Which Export Classification? ECCN vs Schedule B

Not all export classifications are the same. Do you understand which export classification is needed for your international shipment, export of technology, or deemed export transactions? Here are 4 key points about U.S. export classification numbers that will help you figure out which number is relevant – and when. We explain the difference between these export numbers, what these export classification numbers stand for, the government regulations in which they are rooted, and when you...
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Juan Arvilla

Six out of Ten Vehicles Manufactured in Mexico are Trucks and SUVs

The change in demand for light vehicles manufactured in Mexico is leading the country’s automakers to produce more trucks and SUVs for the US market. Last January, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) announced that it will move its production of pick-ups from Mexico to the United States.  This move appears to be the result of the Trump Administration’s corporate tax cuts, which are making the United States more competitive in the manufacturing sector.  Despite this, Mexican...
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Daniel D. Ujczo | Bruce C. Thelen | Brenda C. Swick

Section 232 Steel and Aluminum Tariffs

Commerce Issues Requirements For Exclusion Requests. In President Trump’s March 8, 2018 proclamations announcing new tariffs on imported steel and aluminum, he directed the Commerce Department to issue procedures within ten days for requests to exclude specific products from the tariffs. Those procedures have now been issued in the form of an interim final rule and provide much clearer direction for affected firms that wish to seek an exclusion. As expected, Commerce indicated that an...
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GTC Repost

Ecommerce Logistics Costs Set to Rise

Ecommerce logistics  costs as a proportion of sales look set to rise in the coming years, driven by an increase in the volume of returns, a higher proportion of premium deliveries, and the cost of labor, according to the findings of an ecommerce logistics survey released by Transport Intelligence. 108 retailers and logistics companies around the world took part in the survey which was conducted over the holiday period in 2017-18. Despite the cost increases...
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GTC Repost

Remedy These 5 Bad Practices For Managing Global Freight

By Phil Marlowe As supply chain professionals, we live in a world of unprecedented connectivity where partners collaborate seamlessly, in real time, to make faster, better decisions on production, inventory and shipping. And then there is global freight management. Here, clerks manually enter shipment data and that data gets shared – as emails, spreadsheets and shipping documents – among factories, freight forwarders and carriers. It’s an appallingly inefficient and manual process that can result in...
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