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Amy Morgan

The Impact of Technology on International Selling

In the  second part  of this three-part series, I described some specific pitfalls related to crossborder selling and some lessons learned. In this final part, I’ll take a look at a key trend that is impacting the marketplace: the use of automation to manage complexity. As noted in  Part 1  of this series, crossborder selling is becoming easier than ever.   Research published by DHL Express  predicts crossborder online retail will grow at twice the...
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Juan Arvilla

Why Are Manufacturing Companies Moving to Mexico?

Global commerce, market competition, and reduced costs among other factors, have explained U.S manufacturing companies moving to Mexico.  With their own budget plan, each company has to constantly modify and adjust to changes in the world economy. When it comes to competition, CEO’s have to think strategically when creating their own product and delivering it. Quality doesn’t always overrule quantity or other factors. No matter how good the product is, if a competitor is creating...
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NAFTA Insights

Since the last NAFTA Insights, there have been comments via social media about the potential for US withdrawal from the Agreement and scrutiny of dispute resolution mechanisms, labor standards and local content rules. With Eurasia Group providing the latest developments from Round 2 of the NAFTA renegotiations, this edition considers whether the US President can withdraw from NAFTA – and the ‘all bets are off’ scenario that you should build into your business planning. On...
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Victoria Vessella

How Stockouts Can Hurt Your Business (And How to Prevent Them)

A customer walks into their local grocer looking for their favorite kombucha brand, only to find that it’s out of stock. Frustrated, this patron considers her options: choose another brand, choose another store, choose to postpone the purchase, or choose not to buy the drink at all. None of these scenarios are favorable to the beverage producer. Sales, brand image, and future planning efforts are all damaged as a result of out-of-stocks. Suppliers should do...
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GTC Repost

Lost Bill Of Lading Requirements & Procedures

This article is informational and describes requirements if ever found in an unpleasant situation, such as misplacement or loss of the most important document in the shipping industry. As the title suggests, the procedures and requirements surrounding a lost Bill of Lading are both very complex and detailed. Contracts of Carriage are commonly issued in two forms: OBLs (Original Bills of Lading) and Seaway Bills. The lost or destroyed OBL process is not applicable to...
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