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Jennifer Saak, Ph.D.

Jennifer Saak, Ph.D.

Jennifer Saak, Ph.D.

Jennifer Saak is the Managing Director of Traliance, a firm she founded that provides trade compliance services for research and technology organizations in industry and higher education.

Dr. Saak has nearly 20 years of experience in driving export controls compliance and conducting scientific research at Fortune 500 companies. She has led an export controls risk assessment for a leading $500 million research enterprise in the biomedical sector and developed innovative training videos for a major U.S. research university. Dr. Saak has designed and delivered training on export controls compliance for teams based in the United States, Europe, Saudi Arabia, India, China, and Japan. Her expertise is in export compliance risk assessments, commodity and technology classifications, deemed exports, technology control plans, and business process improvements.

Prior to forming Traliance, Dr. Saak was the Technology Trade Compliance Leader of a $50 billion multi-national petrochemical company based in Saudi Arabia. In that role, she created and led a team responsible for developing export compliance processes for sites located in 10 different countries. Dr. Saak created a global classification process for a product and technology portfolio regulated by multiple export control classification numbers. She also implemented user permission models for U.S.-based IT systems with hundreds of global users.

Previously, Dr. Saak worked as a research engineer with General Electric (GE), developing advanced polymeric and ceramic materials for various industries, including transportation, energy, automotive, pharmaceutical, and consumer electronics.

Dr. Saak provides trade compliance education through speaking engagements with various organizations, such as the Society of Research Administrators International, and has joined the Global Training Center as an instructor. She has 7 U.S. and international patents, 6 technical publications in peer-reviewed journals, and multiple management and innovation awards. Dr. Saak earned a Ph.D. in materials engineering from Northwestern University and a B.S. in materials engineering from Cornell University. She is also a certified Six Sigma Black Belt with a focus on business process improvements.

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