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On-Demand Classes

On-demand training. Designed to provide you the flexibility and convenience of taking Trade and Customs Compliance education on your schedule, anywhere, and from any device. All courses are designed with multiple short video segments and a review after each segment.

At the end of each course, you will need to take a final exam to earn your Certificate of Completion. You will also earn a digital achievement badge that you can display on your Crowd.Trade profile and share on other social networking sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter.

Check back often to see our courses as we add to our library. We are currently working on a number of courses to be included here. You will be able to enjoy a wide range of topics from Basic courses to detailed in-depth training on specific topics. If you do not see a topic covered and want to suggest something please feel free to Contact us . We can also customize and provide training for your company to meet very specific needs. Contact us for more information on that.


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On-Demand Class

Price: Only $125
Time: Approx 1 hour
Access: 90 Days