Intro to Exporting

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Intro to Exporting

Introduction to Exporting from the United States

Expand your export business and provide stellar service to your foreign buyers. This course provides an entry level look at the requirements and procedures for exporting from the United States. This course will provide a comprehensive look at all the factors affecting your business as you begin to sell and ship products abroad.

This course is made up of a total of 8 lessons. Each lesson is designed to concentrate on a specific topic related to Exporting and introducing shipments from United States. Each lesson contains a video and a review that will need to be completed to proceed to the next section. Lessons may not be taken out of order. When all lessons are completed, there is a final exam to test your knowledge. 

The course is tailor-made for busy professionals. We highly recommend the course for:

  • Upper Management/Directors to understand why Export compliance is important
  • New Exporters
  • Already exporting but you need awareness training
  • On-boarding
  • Understand your responsibilities
  • New Position
  • New Career
Earn 1 CES NCBFAA Credits