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Course Description

Too often importers expect their brokers to do all of the work when it comes to the importing process. Unfortunately the broker is NOT a tax advisor. Any errors they make could result in penalties for you, the importer. Learn the key compliance elements of importing, classification, valuation, country of origin duty payment and record keeping. Learn also how to decipher those cryptic forms your broker supplies to you.

Course Features

  • Teaching Time 6.5 hours
  • Class Size Small
  • Material 1 book
  • Certificate 1
  • NCBFAA or CEU 6.5 credits
If you already have a good understanding of Import Doc & Procedures, consider Importing 201 class.

What you will learn

  • Learn what your customs broker should be doing for you!
  • Six different ways to value your goods
  • Country of Origin & markings
  • Overview of Harmonized Tariff Scheduled of the U.S.
  • Duty Determination
  • Customs Entry Process
  • Record keeping
  • See Complete Course Agenda ...

Course will benefit

Importers, Purchasing, Logistics, Traffic, Customer Service, Customs Brokers, Freight Forwarders. Anyone involved or with the responsibility for International Documentation, Compliance Rules and Regulations.

Class is excellent for beginners and also serves as a refresher for experienced professionals. Instructor will level set the course based on attendees.

Course Agenda

Please note: This course is taught by an international trade professional that has real world experience. Instructor has been in your shoes and understands your issues/concerns.

Import Doc & Procedures


    1. Customs & Border Protection & other regulatory agencies.
    2. The modernization act and reasonable care.
    1. Determining Value
    2. Assists and Other Additions to Value
    3. International Freight and Other Deductions from Value
    4. Alternative Valuation Methods
    5. Related Party Transactions
    6. Currency Conversion
    7. First Sale for Export Principle
    8. The 4-Way Valuation Audit
    1. Country of Origin Regulations, Determination & Marking
    1. Overview of the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the U.S.
    2. The Classification Process
    1. Free Trade Agreements and Duty Preference Programs
    2. Other Duties, Duty Exemptions and Fees
  6. ENTRY
    1. Import and Entry Process Flow
    2. Preparing to Make Entry
    3. Consumption Entry – Detailed review of the entry form 3461 and the entry summary form 7501
    4. Post Entry Amendment
    5. Special Entry Types
    1. Auditing & Maintaining Records The (a)(1)(A) List
    1. Intellectual Property Rights
    2. Quota, Samples, Wood Packaging, Lacey Act
    3. Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act
    1. Penalty Process
    2. Monetary Penalties
    3. Seizure & Forfeiture
    4. Importer Audits
    1. Importer Security Filing “10+2”
    2. Customs – Trade Partnership Against Terrorism “C-TPAT”
    3. Free & Secure Trade “FAST”
Some items on this agenda will only be mentioned or lightly reviewed due to time constraints. If you are in need of a longer discussion on a particular topic, please mention this to the instructor at the beginning of the class.


My position is new to me in the Customs Dept at my company. John's experience was most beneficial to me. The organization of the agenda and class was excellent. This class is going to enhance my current training at my company.

– Customs Compliance Specialist – Milwaukee

Really enjoyed the class. Ms. Trudy Wilson provided insights on this topic.

– Traffic Management Specialist – Atlanta

Trudy is very knowledgeable and personable and very engaging. She speaks in layman's terms and her explanations really help us understand.

– Trade Compliance Manager – Anaheim

Trudy was an excellent instructor, and very knowledgeable on all the challenging questions thrown her way. I also loved the smaller class size.

– Las Vegas

Instructor is willing to entertain questions about all Trade Compliance and injects a bit of humor into a relatively dry subject.

– Customs Compliance Specialist – Milwaukee

This will greatly assist in functionalities I need to implement in my current role.

– Minneapolis

I was looking for an overview of the requirements and this course was perfect. From start to finish the class was perfect.

– Chicago

Learning the responsibilities of not just my capacity, but that of our custom’s broker.

– Chicago

Great final presentation. Truly helped pull a lot of the material together. Will make a great difference at work on Monday.

– Chicago

I will be able to take a more proactive approach to building the Customs compliance framework for my company.

– Accountant

It was a great class and I don't think that I would have changed anything. The course was very helpful and organized very well for the large amount of material to cover. I liked the sample documents and checklist to help us get organized here.

– Sales Support

The instructor is great at keeping everyone's attention and definitely knows the material! He not only answered our questions but found opportunities to teach each individual information that was specific to each industry/company program represented on the call.

– Regulatory Specialist

Trudy is wonderful, I have no complaints!  This class will impact my job performance by developing stronger custom compliance skills.

– International Trade & Compliance Specialist

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Two 15min breaks (am/pm), 1hr lunch

Each attendee will receive a copy of
U.S. Import Regulations Procedures & Guidelines
John D. Goodrich

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