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Incoterms® 2010 Rules

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Course Description

Does your staff understand the "terms of sale" of your international transactions? It is critical to comprehend the seller and buyer's rights and obligations with respect to the shipping or transportation of goods. Take this class to understand who is responsible for insurance and when transfer of risk moves from the Seller to the Buyer. Learn the different meaning between domestic and international terms. One of our most popular courses!

Course Features

  • Teaching Time 3.5 hours
  • Class Size Small
  • Material 1 book
  • Certificate 1
  • NCBFAA or CEU 3.5 credits
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What you will learn

  • Responsibilities and obligations for the seller and the buyer under each of the terms
  • 11 Incoterms trade terms
  • Product transportation and risk of loss
  • Terms for any mode
  • Maritme terms
  • See Complete Course Agenda ...

Course will benefit

Employees of Exporters, employees of Importers, Purchasing, Sales/Marketing, Logistics, Traffic, Customer Service, Credit Managers, Controllers, Engineering, Legal, Customs Brokers, Freight Forwarders. Anyone involved or with the responsibility for International Documentation, Compliance Rules and Regulations.

Class is excellent for beginners and also serves as a refresher for experienced professionals.

Course Agenda

Please note: This course is taught by an international trade professional that has real world experience. Instructor has been in your shoes and understands your issues/concerns.

Incoterms® 2010 Rules


    1. An overview of the uniform commercial code
    2. F.O.B. origin or F.O.B. destination, what is the difference?
    3. Risk of loss
    4. Passage of title
    1. Terms for any mode
      • Ex works (named place) EXW
      • Free carrier at (named place) FCA
      • Carriage paid to (named place of destination) CPT
      • Carriage and Insurance paid to (named place of destination) CIP
      • Delivered at terminal (named place of destination) DAT
      • Delivered at place (named place of destination) DAP
      • Delivered duty paid (named place of destination) DDP
    2. Maritime Terms
      • Free alongside ship (named ocean port of shipment) FAS
      • Free on board (named ocean port of shipment) FOB
      • Cost and freight (named ocean port of destination) CFR
      • Cost, insurance and freight (named ocean port of destination) CIF 
Some items on this agenda will only be mentioned or lightly reviewed due to time constraints. If you are in need of a longer discussion on a particular topic, please mention this to the instructor at the beginning of the class.


Trudy knows her field and dominates at being able to articulate CFR into layman terms.

– International Compliance Trade Manager

This class will greatly impact my job performance. Paul, thank you for this weeks training. All of my classes were extremely helpful.

– CSR/Imports & Exports – Indianapolis

Instructor was so knowledgeable. I have a better understanding of my daily work. It was a great class!

– Int'l CS Coordinator – Chicago

The most beneficial part of the course was the instructor's opinions based on personal experience. The course will help me in trying to educate coworkers and save cost and risk for the company.

– Program Manager – Charlotte

This was the class I really needed and it was explained very well by Ms. Trudy Wilson.

– Traffic Management Specialist – Atlanta

The most beneficial part of the seminar was the presentation of the material and the explanation of Exworks and FCA. Trudy delivered her information in a very good manner. She also answered all questions and did not teach down to us. She kept things simple and easy to understand.

– Customer Service Rep. – Atlanta

Paul did an outstanding job. I enjoyed this seminar very much.

– Atlanta

The most beneficial part of the seminar was going over the incoterms that we use at our company. The instructor, Cathy, was great. She was thorough and helpful.

– Minneapolis

The overview given of terms and the practices used in determining the terms was most helpful.

– Import/Export Compliance Specialist – Minneapolis

The discussion on Incoterms which apply to our daily activities of buying and selling was most beneficial.

– Onsite

The definitions for Risk and Loss were the most beneficial part of the seminar.

– Expediter - Onsite

The most beneficial part of the seminar was learning the difference between EX-W and FCA.

– Buyer – Onsite

The entire seminar was beneficial. Cathy is a great trainer.

– Customer Service Manager – Detroit

The entire seminar was very informative. Cathy gave a great overview.

– Detroit

The most beneficial part of the seminar was the discussion of benefits of both UCC and Incoterms.

– Applications Engineer – Detroit

Paul had a lot of good examples to give us which was helpful.

– Pittsburgh

The most beneficial part of the seminar was the clarification of using the correct terms and when to use others. Catherine was very knowledgeable.

– Director - Minneapolis

Half-Day Seminar

Price: $395 per person
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Time: 8:30am-12pm Local Time
One 15min break

Each attendee will receive a copy of
Incoterms 2010 and the UCC: A Guide to International & Domestic Terms of Sale
Catherine J. Petersen & Brent WM. Primus

Incoterms Rules Book Cover
Book included with registration!
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