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Course Description

Imagine not getting paid for your international sale! Unfortunately, it does happen. Learn to fully comply with Letters of Credit requirements to ensure that you receive payment for your shipments. Get involved in the set-up process, learn the basic terminology and significance of various documents, and learn how to prevent and handle discrepancies. Everyone involved in the international sale should learn about the Letters of Credit requirements. This will ensure that you receive payment for your shipments, get paid faster and lower bank fees.

Course Features

  • Teaching Time 6.5 hours
  • Class Size Small
  • Material 1 book
  • Certificate 1
  • NCBFAA or CEU 6.5 credits

What you will learn

  • Letters of Credit Requirements
  • How to minimize discrepancies
  • Different types of Letters of Credit
  • Other payment methods
  • Select most appropriate method of payment
  • Compare the costs and risks of various LC options
  • UCP 600 included in reference book!
  • ISP 98 included in reference book!
  • See Complete Course Agenda ...

Course will benefit

Employees of Exporters, employees of Importers, Purchasing, Sales/Marketing, Logistics, Traffic, Customer Service , Credit Managers, Controllers, Engineering, Legal personnel.

If you are a Customs Brokers or Freight Forwarder you will benefit too; you are involved with the responsibility for International Documentation, ensuring shipments are released or loaded according to the deadlines imposed in the letter of credit as well as the regulations.

Class is excellent for beginners and also serves as a refresher for experienced professionals. Our instructors ensure that all attendees (no matter the level of expertise) benefit from the course.

Course Agenda

Please note: This course is taught by an international trade professional that has real world experience. Instructor has been in your shoes and understands your issues/concerns.

Letters of Credit


    1. Cash in Advance
    2. Collection Basis
    3. Open Account
    4. Consignment
    5. Credit Card
    6. Countertrade and Barter
    1. Basics of Letters of Credit
    2. Definitions
    3. Commercial Contract vs. Letter of Credit
    4. Types of Letters of Credits
    5. Documentation
    6. Fees Associated with a Letter of Credit
    7. Standardization of Letters of Credit
    8. Letters of Credit: Proceed with Caution
    1. Application and Agreement
    2. How to Fill Out the Application
    3. Conditions of the Credit
    4. Advising the Letter of Credit
    5. Negotiation for Payment
    1. Opening and Advising an Export Letter of Credit
    2. Unconfirmed Letter of Credit: Bank Specified
    3. Steps in Reviewing an Export Letter of Credit
    4. Presentation of Documents
    5. Documentation Discrepancies and Letters of Credit
    6. Obtaining Payment
    7. Assignment of Proceeds
    1. Standby Letters of Credit
    2. Back-To-Back Letters of Credit
    3. Transferable Letters of Credit
    4. Revolving Letters of Credit
    5. Red Clause Letters of Credit
    6. Using Banker’s Acceptances
    7. Export Working Capital Financing
    8. Working Capital Loan Programs
    9. Export Credit Insurance
    10. Factoring
    11. Forfaiting
    12. Foreign Exchange Risk Management
    13. Purchase Order Financing
Some items on this agenda will only be mentioned or lightly reviewed due to time constraints. If you are in need of a longer discussion on a particular topic, please mention this to the instructor at the beginning of the class.


I feel that all of the seminar was beneficial since I did not have a lot of knowledge.

– Accounts Receivable

The most beneficial part of the seminar was the instructor. We received personal one-on-one Q/A's. I came away with more answers than questions.

– Controller

The most beneficial part of the course was the instructor's knowledge and materials. Everything was great!

– Export Management Specialist

Questions were welcome and material was presented in a way that kept my attention engaged.

– International Customer Service Compliance Analyst/Export – Chicago

The most beneficial part of the seminar was Paul’s real world applications. Paul used his time wisely during the whole seminar.

– Columbus

The most beneficial part of the seminar was Paul’s personal experiences and his presentation of the material with his real life situational examples.

– Controller – Pittsburgh

Paul was very entertaining and gave good practical examples.

– Director Global Credit, Pittsburgh

The most beneficial part of the seminar was covering how the letter of credit is prepared and how it impacts our transgressions. Catherine was very accessible.

– Export Transportation Manager – Minneapolis

The most beneficial part of the seminar was reviewing case studies to apply the details learned.

– International Operations Manager – Chicago

The explanation of the different types of LOC and the UCP600 details and case studies were effective.

– Credit Specialist – Chicago

Full-Day Seminar

Price: $595 per person
Save $50 Early Registration
Time: 8:30am - 4pm Local Time
Two 15min breaks (am/pm), 1hr lunch

Each attendee will receive a copy of
Letters of Credit in International Trade: A User’s Guide
Petersen & Novak

Letters of Credit Book Cover
Book included with registration!
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*Register at least 1 month in advance for discount Certificate Issued Upon Completion Earn 6.5 CCS/CES NCBFAA Credits Earn 6.5 NASBITE CEUs