U.S. Import Audit Preparation

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U.S. Import Audit Preparation

U.S. Import Audit Preparation
This course guide is intended as a teaching tool to help businesses understand the import regulations, the Customs audit procedures and to develop practical business processes and controls for navigating a Customs Focused Assessment (audit). The book is organized to help answer the questions:
  1. Why do audits exist and why are they important?
  2. What is a customs audit? How does the process work? What is Customs looking for?
  3. How can a company prepare for an audit?


  • US Customs Compliance
  • Introduction to Customs Audits
  • The Focused Assessment Process
  • Special Issues Within an Audit
  • Record Retention Periods
  • Importer Self Assessment Program
  • Standard Operating Procedures


ISBN: 1-891249-56-8
Last Updated: 2018

About the Author
Global Training Center’s “Focused Assessment- Preparing for A U.S. Import Audit” was written by John D. Goodrich.
Mr. Goodrich is an International Trade Consultant and Licensed Customhouse Broker with more than twenty-five years of experience in international trade. He is currently the principal in the consulting firm of JD Goodrich & Associates where his varied industry experience results in practical, actionable advice for his clients. An active member in the Twin Cities round table of the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP), he takes a strategic view of the roles of international compliance and logistics in the greater supply chain. Mr. Goodrich is an engaging trainer and speaker on a variety of international logistics and compliance subjects as well as the author and co-author to several other trade books, which are offered here at GTC.

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