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The White House released “A Proclamation to Modify the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States and for Other Purposes”

Updates to Harmonized Tariff Schedule of The United States

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Last year the World Customs Organization (WCO) released 2022 Harmonized Systems Updates. The updates mark the most significant changes in the HTS in over five years. US Importers need to prepare for implementing the new schedule that will go into effect on January 27, 2022.   On December 23, the Presidential Proclamation modification of the HarmonizedRead More »Updates to Harmonized Tariff Schedule of The United States

Trade Customs Rulings & Decisions – The iHome SmartPlugs

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Maybe you already have one. Or ten. Perhaps you command them with a steady voice – “Alexa?” “Hey, Google!” – or you could be old school and just reach out and actually turn something on or off by hand. Whichever is your style, smart plugs and bulbs have invaded our homes, and they won’t be going away.   iHome SmartPlugs plug into anRead More »Trade Customs Rulings & Decisions – The iHome SmartPlugs
women in trade podcast


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Women in trade | S1: Episode 8 We discovered a new podcast featuring women who work in international trade.  The podcast is only a few episodes into its first season but they have hit the ground running with a lineup of amazing and influential ladies in trade compliance.   The podcast, Women In Trade, isRead More »WE WANT SOME COOKIES TOO!

The USMCA: Something New or #JustAnotherNAFTA

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The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) finally got a major overhaul, something campaigned on by President Trump and negotiated in Congress for the past three years. There are a number of significant changes about which American businesses need to be aware. Below we'll discuss 5 key differences between USMCA and NAFTA. When NAFTA came into force on January 1, 1994, it was seen as a way to foster economic growthRead More »The USMCA: Something New or #JustAnotherNAFTA
Incoterms 2020 Rules

Incoterms® on Your Terms

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Incoterms® – an abbreviation for International Commercial Terms – are the rules first issued by the International Chamber of Commerce in 1936 as a way of unifying the shipping practices and legal interpretations between those involved in global trade around the world. As international trade has grown over the decades, so have Incoterms® rules evolved to meet the needs of sellers and buyers.   What Are Incoterms®?   Incoterms® rules haveRead More »Incoterms® on Your Terms

Trade Customs Rulings & Decisions – The “Peeps” Bunny Plush Toy in a Mug

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The Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is a state’s body. Vested with the power and authority to issue custom legal rulings. It also deals with other legal decisions that relate to the importation of merchandise.  The rulings enable the international trade community to understand how the CPB will treat a prospective carrier transaction or import.Read More »Trade Customs Rulings & Decisions – The “Peeps” Bunny Plush Toy in a Mug