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Lalo Solorzano

Export Compliance Checklist - 5 Questions to help you get started

Export Compliance Checklist – 5 Questions to Help You Get Started

Why Exporting your product is a good idea Expanding your bottom line and selling to customers abroad is likely part of your business strategy or on your roadmap.  It is no wonder why, according to a study by the Institute for International Economics, U.S. companies that export not only grow faster, but are nearly 8.5Read More »Export Compliance Checklist – 5 Questions to Help You Get Started

Is Your Company Capitalizing on Free Trade Agreements (FTAs)?

The primary purpose of free trade agreements (FTAs) is to lower or remove tariff barriers that hamper the active trade of goods and services between countries and to protect intellectual property rights. The U.S. alone has more than 12 FTAs, and there are more than 400 regional trade agreements worldwide; even so, it appears that many companies fail to leverage this opportunity to open up foreign markets to their products. Based onRead More »Is Your Company Capitalizing on Free Trade Agreements (FTAs)?

The Meaning of Export Controls-Part2

Export Controls: Denied Parties  With concerns about the unauthorized and/or inappropriate transfer of technology, products, and information to individuals or entities within or beyond US borders, the US Government established laws and regulations, known as export controls, to restrict such transfer. The government regulates the export of sensitive information, physical equipment, and software and technology to promote foreign policy objectives and promoteRead More »The Meaning of Export Controls-Part2

Supply Chain: Risky Business

Never is your supply chain as important as when you no longer have access to it. Even the smallest business realizes the impact of losing just one step of the chain. One weakness in a link can often mean a breakdown of the entire chain. These disruptions and delays can have a massive impact, potentiallyRead More »Supply Chain: Risky Business

How to Become a US Customs Broker

Are you looking to expand your current position in the import and export field? Maybe you are interested in starting a new career in this area. Becoming a custom broker can be very rewarding, challenging and will require constant learning. Becoming a licensed customs broker can open many doors for you for employment opportunities. However,Read More »How to Become a US Customs Broker

What is CTPAT and Other FAQs

If you are involved in export and import business, you might have come across the term CTPAT and wondered what it was all about. Here are questions and answers on different things you need to know about CTPAT. What is CTPAT, and why is it essential to international trade? What is CTPAT? CTPAT is anRead More »What is CTPAT and Other FAQs

The Importance of Trade Compliance

Trade Compliance Training  Compliance: noun /kəmˈplʌɪəns/ the action or fact of complying with a wish or command. the state or fact of according with or meeting rules or standards. "all imports are in compliance with regulations" Synonyms:  Obedience to, accordance with, observation of, adherence to, "the company's compliance with international law" It sounds simple enough,Read More »The Importance of Trade Compliance

Trade Customs Rulings & Decisions – The “Sobro” a Smart Coffee Table

The Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is a state’s body. Vested with the power and authority to issue custom legal rulings. It also deals with other legal decisions that relate to the importation of merchandizes.  The rulings enable the international trade community to understand how the CPB will treat a prospective carrier transaction or import.Read More »Trade Customs Rulings & Decisions – The “Sobro” a Smart Coffee Table