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Import & Export Trade Compliance

We are going to Cincinnati, OH for our in-person trade compliance seminars. It’s critical that you know your customs and regulatory obligations. You should be able to protect your company from fines, minimize risks and optimize your trade compliance program. Create your competitive advantage with us!

Why Seminars? Seeing each other face-to-face can have many benefits, including more networking with people in the same field, higher productivity, and new motivation. We want to make sure you get the most out of our courses, so we hope to see you in person soon.

Speaker: Trudy Wilson

Course Features

Small Class

This means there is more time for you to grow and get the knowledge and answers you need to succeed. We highly encourage participation and questions throughout the class.

International Trade Book

With this course you will receive a free reference book shipped directly to you. This will benefit you far past the course.

Certificate & Credits

With this interactive course you will receive a certificate of completion and a digital badge. You can also earn your education credits.


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International Trade Books

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