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Your Export Compliance Manual
Free Webinar with Trudy Wilson

JANUARY 18, 2022

Start your year on the right foot and take care of business for FREE. 

Everyone is highly encouraged to have an Export Compliance Manual. Now, how to exactly configure it is another story. In this Free Webinar, on our all new platform, you will be able to tune into this live 30-minute Webinar with Trade Expert  Trudy Wilson. She will teach you the do’s and don’ts and all there is to think about when it comes to the manual. 

Use this Free Webinar as a jumpstart to creating your competitive advantage. 

Trade Expert Trudy Wilson

Trudy Wilson will be conducting this 30 minute long Webinar! She is an accomplished trade compliance consultant who enjoys equipping people to negotiate the maze of compliance regulations. 

Join this Free Webinar and get enlightened with her uplifting personality and continuous knowledge. 

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