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Importing 201 – Level 1

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  • January 8, 2021August 18, 2021

Importing 201 – Level 1

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Global Training Center

6.5 Hour course

Level 1 Badge is awarded when the course has been completed and attendance has been verified.

Advanced Import Compliance Training – Import 201. As an experienced importer your company has a grasp on the basic procedures to manage the importation of your goods into the U.S. It seems, however, that is all you do, manage the process. Despite your best efforts, the process doesn’t appear to get any better. You experience the same old errors and delays at the border and the specter of a Customs audit or other Customs enforcement is looming on the horizon. Perhaps your company is already an advanced importer yet U.S. CBP has designated you for an audit. How do you prepare for that audit? Better yet, what could you do to strengthen and prepare your company to withstand the scrutiny of U.S. Customs and Border Protection, regardless of the audit or enforcement form they use? Sign up for our import compliance training to ensure you’re prepared.


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