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Tariff Classification

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Learn to Classify Products for Imports & Exports and much more Tariff Classification Course using HTSUS and Schedule B. Classification for import, export, FTA determination & clarification on Section 301Read More »Tariff Classification

Exporting Procedures

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Learn Critical Steps for Exporting Properly Export Documentation & Procedures Course is an in-depth class that will teach you the Do's and Don'ts of Exporting. Exporting may be the bestRead More »Exporting Procedures

Automotive NAFTA

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Automotive NAFTA Specialty Webinar Course Description We just added a review of what is coming with USMCA! North America is one of the largest producers of light and medium duty vehiclesRead More »Automotive NAFTA

Automotive USMCA

Automotive USMCA Specialty Webinar Course Description USMCA has changed the rules for the automotive industry. Learn the updated rules of origin for automobiles and automotive parts and learn about regionalRead More »Automotive USMCA

Automotive Tariff

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Course Description The automotive industry faces challenges when manufacturing and shipping products globally. With different trade agreements, duties, and regulations, it can become a big effort to keep up withRead More »Automotive Tariff


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Learn Why the CTPAT Program is a Must Want to help protect your Supply Chain? Excellent class if you are considering CTPAT certification, preparing for re-validation, or need to educateRead More »CTPAT

Importing Procedures

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Course Description Import Procedures and Documentation Course that will teach key procedures and regulatory obligations. Too often importers expect their brokers to do all of the work when it comesRead More »Importing Procedures

Incoterms® 2020

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Learn What Your Responsibilities Are Under the Incoterms You Use Incoterms® are a set of rules which define the responsibilities and obligations of international sellers and buyers for the deliveryRead More »Incoterms® 2020