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Darie Achstein-Conway

Darie Achstein-Conway, Sr. Global Trade and Compliance Manager at QLogic Corporation, specializes in domestic and foreign licensing and global trade regulations. She manages international and domestic trade compliance for the company.

Ms. Achstein-Conway received her Bachelor’s degree in Communication and Marketing, as well as a Global Logistics Specialist designation, from California State University Long Beach.

Ms. Achstein-Conway began her trade and compliance experience in the early 1990’s, when she was first introduced to imports/exports and shipping. She has spent her career in government, manufacturing, semiconductors, and technology. She has an extensive background in supply chain management and regulatory administration, and has held positions in areas such as information technology, quality, planning, sourcing, contracts, and procurement.

Ms. Achstein-Conway has experience in regulatory law, both domestic and foreign, and has participated in many organizations nationwide.


• Global trade requirements internationally
• Setting up Foreign Trade Zone
• Implementing a reverse logistics program
• Conference speaking on trade and compliance subjects

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