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A recorded course on understanding Drop Shipments.

“Drop Shipping, Details that make a Difference” profiles the roles, risks, and responsibilities of a firm asked to proceed with a shipment to the buyer’s foreign customer. There are these baffling questions that arise, but no one is around to answer them when a drop shipment is requested by your foreign customer.

  • Who will be the exporter?
  • Who is responsible for filing the export report or EEI?
  • Should we authorize the freight forwarder?
  • Do we have to submit data to the freight forwarder?
  • May we file the export report or EEI?
  • Who prepares the export documentation?

These are the type of questions answered in this dropshipping course.

What You Will Learn

Besides the questions addressed by the description above. These are additional learning objectives for the dropshipping course:

  • Your role when a drop shipment occurs
  • How to apply export compliance principles to drop shipments
  • Steps to take to avoid confusion and unhappy customers
Course Will Benefit

This Drop Shipping training course is tailor-made for busy professionals. We highly recommend the course for:

  • Trade Compliance Professionals looking to learn about drop shipments
  • Onboarding new employees

Drop Shipment Awareness Agenda

OnDemand Course-Under an hour and consists of 5 lessons.



Each lesson may be replayed as many times as possible BEFORE the quiz has been taken. The lesson will be flagged as ‘Completed.’ Final exam at the end to earn Certificate.


  1. Terminology
  2. A Drop Shipment
    1. U.S. Exporter’s Additional Responsibilities & Obligations
    2. Compliance for All U.S. Exports
    3. Incoterms® Rules
  3. Case Study 1
    1. U.S. Supplier ->Canadian Customer ->Saudi Ultimate Consignee
  4. Case Study 2
    1. Chinese Joint Venture ->U.S. Seller ->Thai Buyer
  5. Case Study 3
    1. U.S. Supplier ->U.S. Exporter/Seller ->South Korean Customer
Course Details
Under an hour
90 day access
Certificate of Completion
1 NCBFAA or CEU Credit
Digital Badge
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Final Exam
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