Sharing Badges

Congratulations on earning a Verified Trade Compliance Badge.  These badges are designed to be shared with your network on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

You are encouraged to share by selecting the network you would like to share underneath the badge that you want to share.  We like to suggest some wording that you can add so that it can get maximum exposure to your network and especially on LinkedIn where you will be able to share that you earned a new Trade Compliance skill.  Using hashtags will help and below we have provided a list that you can use by copying to your post.

LinkedIn Suggestions:

I just earned a new trade skill.  Check out my verified training from @Global-Training-Center.

#TradeSkills #InternationalTrade #TradeIsGood #Trade #ImportExport #TradeBadge

You can add individual hashtags for each course, for example:

Incoterms 2020:

#Incoterms #Incoterms2020


#USMCA #FTA #FreeTradeAgreements #TradeCompliance

Tariff Classification

#Tariff #TradeCompliance #

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