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Sharing Digital Badges

Congratulations on earning a Trade Compliance Digital BadgeTM.  These badges are designed to be shared with your network on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.  You can also embed on your personal website or on your resume.  Lastly, you can download a copy of the file so you can share with your HR department where they may be able to upload to your records and update the skills learned.

Sharing on Social Networks

Currently you can share your digital badge to LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.  By sharing your badge to your social network, everyone that views your post will be able to click on the badge and link to a verified webpage that confirms you have taken the course with Global Training Center and will show evidence and proof.

We highly encourage you to always TAG or include Global Training Center in your post because you can take advantage of 10,000+ followers in the Global Training Center network.  Everyone who follows GTC on social will get to see your post and give you more exposure to a large network of Trade and Customs Compliance professionals globally.  We also recommend using hashtags that will also increase your exposure.  An example of some popular hashtags are #TradeCompliance #ImportExport #TradeIsGood #TradeComplianceDigitalBadge #TradeComplianceSkills #FTA #Import #Export.  You may also want to consider adding a hashtag for the course you just took, for example #USMCA #Incoterms #Incoterms2020 #CTPAT, etc.

Steps on sharing your badge(s):

  1. Logon to your account on our website
  2. Click on ‘My Achievements/Badges‘ to the left of your account
  3. Click on ‘LinkedIn‘ icon
  4. Click on ‘Share‘ button
  5. Click on ‘Share on a Post
  6. Tag GTC by typing ‘@Global Training Center
  7. Type up a message like the example below & post!

A sample post on LinkedIn may look like this:

I just earned a new trade skill.  Check out my verified USMCA training from @Global Training Center.  Thank you @John Goodrich

#TradeSkills #InternationalTrade #TradeIsGood #Trade #ImportExport #TradeComplianceDigitalBadge #USMCA #FTA #TradeSkills

To make sure you are tagging Global Training Center and your instructor correctly, just click on the post and it should pop up the link for GTC and for the instructor.  If you need any help or advice on taking advantage of this free feature, please let us know as it should be a valuable asset for your personal profile and career skills.

Embed on Website or Resume

Coming soon.  Share your badge to social networks in the meantime.

Download Badge File

Coming soon.  Share your badge to social networks in the meantime.

Your Badges Earned

Please login to the site to view the earned achievements.
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Exporting Procedures
International Letters of Credit
International Logistics
Tariff Classification
Importing Procedures
Importing 201
Half-Day Webinars Topics
Export to Mexico
Export to Canada
Specialty Webinars Topics
Automotive Tariff Classification
Automotive NAFTA
Export Administration Regulations EAR