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Is Trade Compliance the Lone Ranger?

Is Trade Compliance the Lone Ranger?  There are companies, surely not yours, where various departments are viewed as spokes around the hub of the trade compliance department. Each department operates as if trade compliance is accomplished “out there somewhere” rather than taking an active part in making sure the company meets its import and/or exportRead More »Is Trade Compliance the Lone Ranger?
Supply Chain Risks

Supply Chain: Risky Business

Never is your supply chain as important as when you no longer have access to it. Even the smallest business realizes the impact of losing just one step of the chain. One weakness in a link can often mean a breakdown of the entire chain. These disruptions and delays can have a massive impact, potentiallyRead More »Supply Chain: Risky Business

What is CTPAT and Other FAQs

If you are involved in export and import business, you might have come across the term CTPAT and wondered what it was all about. Here are questions and answers on different things you need to know about CTPAT. What is CTPAT, and why is it essential to international trade? What is CTPAT? CTPAT is anRead More »What is CTPAT and Other FAQs

6 Important Tips for Effective Logistics Management

1. Define your goals The business sector uses the term logistics to describe the efficient flow and storage of goods from where they originate to where they’re consumed. The supply chain includes transportation, shipping, receiving, storage and management of all these areas. Some of the key goals for all businesses are increased efficiency, more sales,Read More »6 Important Tips for Effective Logistics Management