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Trade Compliance


Is Trade Compliance the Lone Ranger?

Is Trade Compliance the Lone Ranger?  There are companies, surely not yours, where various departments are viewed as spokes around the hub of the trade compliance department. Each department operates as if trade compliance is accomplished “out there somewhere” rather than taking an active part in making sure the company meets its import and/or exportRead More »Is Trade Compliance the Lone Ranger?
women in trade podcast


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Women in trade | S1: Episode 8 We discovered a new podcast featuring women who work in international trade.  The podcast is only a few episodes into its first season but they have hit the ground running with a lineup of amazing and influential ladies in trade compliance.   The podcast, Women In Trade, isRead More »WE WANT SOME COOKIES TOO!

The Importance of Trade Compliance

Trade Compliance Training  Compliance: noun /kəmˈplʌɪəns/ the action or fact of complying with a wish or command. the state or fact of according with or meeting rules or standards. "all imports are in compliance with regulations" Synonyms:  Obedience to, accordance with, observation of, adherence to, "the company's compliance with international law" It sounds simple enough,Read More »The Importance of Trade Compliance