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Find out why customers return year after year

Since 1991, Global Training Center has assisted companies like yours to become industry leaders in import and export trade. Our best-in-class training helps individuals and teams stay up to date on international trade issues and become experts themselves.

Don’t take our word for it, our clients will tell you themselves. Click below and see what attendees say in reviews on Global Training Center’s courses and our instructors!

Arthur O'Meara


“Excellent presentation and interaction with the attendees. He was very friendly and easy to talk to, and that makes you wanting to participate; you learn better, as a result.”

“Arthur O’Meara was a great instructor. He kept what could be a boring topic interesting. I learned a great deal in this class and plan to take the next one in this series.”

“Very informative. I learned a lot and now know I have more to learn. Arthur O’Meara is a great instructor and I would recommend him for any of the classes he teaches. I appreciate him taking the time to explain the things we didn’t know or have answers too as some of us are just starting to learn.”

Private Corporate Training

“Everything learned here today in the seminar was beneficial. Great Presentation!”

“The Q & A section of the course was most beneficial, specifically related to our operation. Arthur gave
easy and clear answers and explanations.”

“The most beneficial part of the course were the examples of Incoterms and the interaction with the


The instructor was very detailed. Everything was great.

The small class size was beneficial. It was easy to ask questions and stay engaged.

Class was fantastic today. Do you know when you plan to be back in Milwaukee again?

St. Louis

This is one of the best offsite training’s I’ve had.

Arthur did a wonderful job. It was an informative and educational experience. Arthur made it very easy for
everyone to understand the material when he involved the entire class in the examples.

Arthur gave easy to understand examples in plain language. The presenter’s knowledge of the material and the
industry were most beneficial. The discussion regarding freight forwarders, customs brokers and ocean bill
of lading were most beneficial. Arthur O’Meara is an excellent, engaging and effective instructor.

Overall good material and good presentation.  I like how the instructor required participation from all
participants.  The instructor really made us think about our internal controls/processes and how we can make them


All of the information presented was very beneficial. The knowledge gained will prove to be very rewarding
as I will also share this with my colleagues and use it in my workload.


The seminar was all beneficial. Many topics were touched on. Arthur was very knowledgeable. He was very
interesting and kept the seminar from becoming boring.


I just wanted to thank you for the classes. The three I took were very informative, even with my somewhat
established background. I was trained early on in what to do, but not the why. I’ve been back to work one day and
we’re already making adjustments for the better.

Loved the interaction from the instructor (Arthur O’Meara), kept the class involved at all times.


Material was taught in an easily digestable manner. I wouldn’t change anything. A lot of information was taught efficiently.

Everything was beneficial. I loved the class! It will improve my job immensely.

Everything was great! I enjoyed learning all the information.

Awesome instructor! He made the class enjoyable. Love his music, too! I took this class because a coworker
loved the instructor! Edge of seat excitement and learning!

Arthur is a great teacher! Took time with everyone as a class and has a great personality.

Arthur is very entertaining this was the class I needed the most and came out of it feeling very informed

Arthur was engaging and presented the material in a great way. Coming from a place of zero experience in
Tariff Classification I feel like I’m leaving with a much better understanding. It was a great introduction to
future Tariff Classification needs.

Best class I’ve had offsite! Course overall was amazing.


I enjoyed that the subject matter was tailored to the participants. Overall enjoyed the class content.

The most beneficial part of the seminar was the range of knowledge of the instructor.

The whole class was beneficial for me since I have zero experience. It will help with my training at my job.

The instructor explained terms clearly and spoke in a way that inexperienced attendees could understand.


High-level talking points on the importance of contract negotiations/conditions relative to Export
Compliance were the most beneficial part of the course. I thought the content and interactions were informative and
useful. I wouldn’t change anything.

The most beneficial part of the seminar was the review of HTC codes. Mr. O’Meara is intelligent, lively and
knows his material. He is a highly recommended instructor.


Actually, everything was beneficial. There’s so much I don’t know – this gives me a great resource to reference. This will give me confidence and a place to go back to when I have questions.

To me, hearing the verbiage used in context and with examples made it much easier to understand and retain. I think it will greatly help my performance with my shipping responsibilities.

Arthur’s experiences are great examples and the book is good to keep as reference.

I thought it was great that Arthur did a compare/contrast to 2010 and 2020. It will help me to create a new presentation to my company on new Incoterms.

The most beneficial part of the seminar was the interaction with attendees and the instructor’s style of presentation. It helped me to be more confident.

Instructor presented the material really well, broke down difficult topics easily.

Start to finish, it was all beneficial. Very well organized, refreshing and fun!

Instructor was so knowledgeable. I have a better understanding of my daily work. It was a great class!

Every part of the course was beneficial. The instructor was best by far. Very knowledgeable, interesting and
very well spoken.

Questions were welcome and material was presented in a way that kept my attention engaged.

Thank you for the training. Having only been on the job one year, it has been helpful to have a more debt
understanding of rules, regulations and terms. I am going to try to attend more of your workshops. I think they
would be very helpful. You are a wonderful speaker. Very easy to follow and it keeps people engaged. Your “tone”
made it easy to listen to you. You would make a great college professor.

The way the instructor phrased terms and used them in examples to get the point across. This will give me a
better understanding on an international logistics standpoint and not just import/export.

Trudy Wilson


Trudy is an excellent instructor and I love her energy. The book and the class are exactly what I needed.

The webinar was very informative. I learned more today than in many years at work. This will spur me on to take more classes

It was great! Very informative and thoroughly explained all of the different Incoterms. Trudy was an excellent instructor! She was very personable starting with the introduction. She is in expert at this and knows her “”stuff””. She was also upbeat and kept the class moving. Thank you so much, Trudy!

Trudy Wilson is so knowledgeable, keeps you engaged during the webinar!

Everything was great. I can help our associates with export documents.

Instructor was top notch – explained things really well and presented materials in an easy to understand way.

This material was well presented and very helpful. I enjoyed Trudy’s presentation, enthusiasm and ease of understanding. She explained the topic very well and answered everyone’s questions clearly and consistently. Thank you!

Trudy explained and presented well. Thank you so much. Trudy is a great presenter and made things very easy to understand.

I found all topics beneficial. Provides a refresher and better understanding on this subject. Excellent and articulate presentation. This training was very well done!

Trudy is a wonderful instructor, has a clear understanding of what she is teaching and very personable, which makes it a great learning experience.

Trudy did an amazing job making this webinar engaging and interesting. It is not easy presenting in a webinar format when you can’t get the participant feedback and it didn’t feel like a webinar. Very well done!

Everything was good. I liked how there was links/sources for a lot of the websites.

I will be more in compliance with Canada regulations. Trudy Wilson was a great presenter.

Enjoyed this tremendously and I found it very helpful. It strengthened my knowledge of Incoterms.

Trudy is able to address individual’s questions by applying the contents to specific cases.

The class was perfect just the way it was presented. It was all beneficial for me.

I thought that the course was excellent! I now have a better understanding of how Incoterms impacts everyone
involved and therefore, can have a more meaningful conversation with customers. Loved the course, it was great!

This class will allow me to be more effective when using incoterm and not wonder if I’m doing the right
thing. The class was well taught. Trudy did an excellent job and I look forward to having more classes with her.

Everything was done perfectly. The class was a very educational and enjoyable experience. The instructor was
very friendly, outgoing and helped engage the class. Everything was perfect

Trudy was great and upbeat the whole presentation.

Trudy did an excellent job – well spoken, informative, and patient in dealing with questions asked.

Being unfamiliar with most incoterms, I found this class a great overview with enough detail to move
forward, as well as references to use in the future.

I work with Incoterms daily, this webinar has been extremely helpful with becoming more familiar with these
terms. Instructor was phenomenal. Very professional and informative.

All of the course was beneficial, it was useful. Very well done, Trudy knows her stuff – terrific.

I will be able to train others in Export to Canada Compliance. Information was very useful, instructor did a
great job.

Trudy was a great instructor. Our company will be signing up for additional classes after this great
training experience.

Open discussions and option to ask questions when needed were most beneficial. Trudy was wonderful, very
friendly, knowledgeable and presented the material at a good pace for all.

I’d prefer to be at training “in person” versus webinar, but as a webinar, it was very informational….
I liked how people were able to questions while in each section of materials vs. having to wait until end of the
webinar. “

Great Speaker! Trudy does an absolute great job engaging the audience and making what could be a dull
subject, very interesting. It is hard to involve the audience in trainings such as this and I will continue to use
Global Training Center. Hope to get Trudy again!

Trudy was an excellent trainer.  I’ve learned so much from her and she made it exciting and worth going.
I’ll be taking more classes, hopefully with Trudy as the trainer.

Private Corporate Training

The most beneficial part of the class was the level of knowledge of the instructor. Also, the level of
energy and passion shown by the instructor. This course was very engaging.

Trudy is very knowledgeable and makes it fun for material which isn’t so fun. Great teacher!

The class was very informative and the presenter kept the class moving with witty humor and life
experiences. I give Trudy all fives for her job teaching this class. I would reccomend all EX/IM individuals taking
this class.

Excellent information – high energy instructor.


Everything was beneficial. I learned a lot of wrong’s that we are doing as a company and how we can move forward to save money. It will help me with shipping my orders correctly and terms to use.

Instructor was great – very knowledgeable and helpful! This class will impact my job performance significantly.

Instructor – Trudy Wilson, she did an outstanding job. Very knowledgeable and great personality.


Trudy did an excellent job, very personable and knowledgeable.

Las Vegas

Trudy was an excellent instructor, and very knowledgeable on all the challenging questions thrown her way. I
also loved the smaller class size.


Trudy was so knowledgeable and a great presenter!


I thought the entire course was beneficial. Don’t change anything. This will make my compliance more complete.

The most beneficial part of the seminar was the handbook that was given to take home. Great reference!

Trudy is very knowledgeable and personable and very engaging. She speaks in layman’s terms and her
explanations really help us understand.

Instructor was awesome, upbeat and fun. Lots of good info, learned a lot.

Most fun, interactive documentation training I have had!


Trudy was an excellent teacher and really got the class involved.

In general, the training class was very beneficial for beginners in logistics.

Trudy was a great instructor. This class will help me prepare my company for a potential customs audit.

All was beneficial. Trudy helped to keep us engaged and her energy was strong. We really enjoyed it! Trudy
was great and knowledgeable!

The instructor stimulated group discussion of very specific questions. I will definitely recommend this

Trudy Wilson’s insight and personalized analysis of the material was most beneficial.

Material and topics were clear and relevant.

The most beneficial parts of the course were the actual classifications, practice worksheets and on hands of
what was being taught. All of the presentation was excellent.

I enjoyed the exercises and the flexibility to discuss with others. It was all very necessary and good!

I had extremely minimal knowledge of NAFTA before today.  Absolutely glad I took this class.  It will impact
how/when I claim NAFTA!! Trudy is the BEST!


The most beneficial part of the course was the Q & A. The instructor was able to answer specific

The most beneficial part of the seminar was the topic on reviewing funding items in the schedule. The
examples were helpful. I enjoyed Trudy’s energy!! She made the class(es) fun. Trudy is an excellent presenter who
gave an excellent presentation.


Trudy is a really great teacher. She is engaging and an expert in the topic. Trudy’s knowledge and explanations were most beneficial.

The workbook that provided usable examples of forms was most beneficial. I will be more confident in
completing the
NAFTA form. Trudy was amazing!

All of the course was very beneficial. It will impact my job performance tremendously!! Trudy was

This will impact my job performance by ensuring that I am issuing NAFTA’s correctly. This was a great class!

Wonderful knowledge and great material – delivery of information.

This was the class I really needed and it was explained very well by Ms. Trudy Wilson.

Learned a lot on this subject. Ms. Trudy Wilson really helped in this area.

Really enjoyed the class. Ms. Trudy Wilson provided insights on this topic.

Always enjoy your classes.

Trudy, great instructor.

How will this class impact your job performance?

Tremendously, and the instructor was phenomenal.

Every single chapter was most beneficial. Trudy Wilson made it simple, easy and understandable. She created
a very interactive seminar. The follow up and support she offered were great.

The most beneficial part of the seminar was the presentation of the material and the explanation of Exworks
and FCA. Trudy delivered her information in a very good manner. She also answered all questions and did not teach
down to us. She kept things simple and easy to understand.

Very informative, easy to follow instructor who was knowledgeable and professional.


The resources offered were very beneficial. Trudy, the instructor, was great and a lot of fun.


All of the course was beneficial. For someone new to global trade this course was helpful in understanding the process.

I have been in the industry over 25 years and am a Licensed Broker and thought this was
great refresher course! Great pace and I learned a lot. Been to several other training courses that didn’t
add much value, but this one was very beneficial! Great job!

How will this class impact your job performance?

Greatly! Trudy did a fantastic job, was knowledgeable and kept my attention.

New Orleans

Trudy knows her field and dominates at being able to articulate CFR into layman terms.

pic of Adam Palmer


It It was a great basics course which was nice! I really loved Adam as the instructor it was fun and easy to listen to him. a great basics course which was nice! I really loved Adam as the instructor it was fun and easy to listen to him.

Adam was very upbeat, paused for questions, and seemed very knowledgeable on the subject matter

Adam was very good and knowledgeable.

The webinar was very information and the instructor did a great job of trying to cover all the material as well as answer questions.

Instructor was well informed. Presented materials well. Webcam with just instructor and attendee did not distract from the training.

The instructor made the material completely understandable and offered a lot of good resource

Adam was great! It was easy to stay focused on the lesson and he made everything less daunting

George W Thompson


George was wonderful!!! I REALLY like the format of being able to put your hand up and ask questions as new concepts or areas of concentration were presented. I think this helped facilitate a collaborative environment and allowed attendees to relate the topics to their respective area of trade and job role!

Fantastic. A lot of information to digest at one time, but very worthwhile and cost effective.

Instructor was great and willing to answer all questions.

This was an excellent webinar. George Thompson is very knowledgeable and is very articulate and easy to understand.

Enjoyed the Instructor and the class. His knowledge of course material and laws was extremely impressive.

I felt that the webinar was straight and to the point. The instructor was very knowledgeable in the subject and was very willing to answer all of our questions.

John Goodrich


Excellent instructor and very detailed yet simple to follow.

Instructor was very knowledgeable and incorporated group participation in order to get a better feel for the process. One of the best webinar sessions I have attended.

John clearly knows the business and exhibits a total understanding of USMCA. The webinar was complete and touched on all needed subjects. Very well done and the training material was excellent.

Mr. Goodrich was very knowledgeable and covered as much material as possible within the time frame provided. He also personalized the training and tried to focus on each company involved, allowing each company to ask questions about their specific situation.

I love your USMCA Webinar. It was extremely informative and I am seeing immediate benefits for our company. With the information gained, I’ve since been able to see the possibilities for savings throughout our organization and have pointed them out to our Director of Trade Compliance. This is definitely a must for anyone importing and exporting within North America and well worth the cost.

I liked the real-life examples and detail John provided. It will improve my job performance greatly.

This will be very beneficial moving forward having the knowledge of how and what NAFTA is and how it operates. I will no longer be guessing or piecing together information at the “URGENT” demand of our customers. It was very good information and presentation.

He was very interactive by talking to real world examples and giving advice on real issues. I found it all beneficial.

I feel so much better informed on importing as a whole. I am under strong instruction at my workplace, but I feel that I am more prepared now to contribute to the work we do on a daily basis. Great class! Thank you!

It will help me to be vigilant about my entry documents and oversee my broker more on their actions. Also I will keep better records with the required documents. I will recommend courses to others. I will try to take more courses to improve my skills.

The most beneficial part of the webinar was the knowledge base of the instructor (after all, he did write the book). I feel better informed which will help me write better policy and make better decisions.

The most beneficial part was understanding the differences betweeen NAFTA and USMCA, changes to certificate
of origin, and receiving documentation for future reference. John is a great instructor! It’s obvious during
discussion that he is extremely knowledgeable in his field.

John is an excellent instructor that has deep and broad knowledge, both practitioner and consultative
management, of importing, customs and trade agreements that enables him to relay the spirit and intent in a
realistic and scalable manner.

John does a great job overall in presenting the topics but what sets him apart is he does a great job of
knowing who is in his audience and giving commentary and examples that are specific to who is in his audience. It
helps make his presentations more personal and gives better perspective on the regulations.

Excellent training for someone new to this.

Instructor was very engaging and knew the material inside and out.

The most beneficial part of the course was how John broke everything down so we understood the process of
determining HTS codes. John was a great instructor!!!

I was very pleased with what I experienced. All was a benefit. I really liked that material was matched up
to the person when it could be. And good pointers were given to specific industries.

John taking the time to go over everyones specific topics of discussions and needs. Also was very
knowledgeable with most topics of discussion. The instructor was very informative and would highly recommend anyone
who is new to this to take this course. I now have a better understanding on NAFTA and will be able to use the
knowledge that I have obtained to do my job correctly.

John is very knowledgeable and was able to tailor the training to what was relevant to the attendees. I
recommend this course to anyone who is involved in Classification, Solicitation and Origination of Goods. Excellent
presentation! Thank you!

The material covered in this course is directly linked to by daily job duties in Trade Compliance. So, I
believe that the course and the textbook will continue to help me throughout the years. I always appreciate John’s
ebullient nature and stellar subject matter expertise. 🙂

John Goodrich is an outstanding instructor. You are fortunate to have him on your team.

Instructor did a good job on covering amount of material in the time he had.

I liked how he explained things in simple terms.

Instructor explained everything well and recognized that there were a lot of newbies in the class. He was
easy to follow and understand, and simplified a lot of material making it user-friendly.

The small class size was great. It really let everyone talk and interact with questions. We were able to not
only learn from the instructor but each other.

Excellent presenter; material was just what I needed.

Enjoyed the class, felt I gained a lot of information that will help me to organize my record keeping and
self auditing our importation documentation which, I did not know.

I’ve taken this very seminar two years in a row. John has changed his presentation from the first time, thus
keeping the material fresh and to the point. I don’t know how he can memorize the tariff with such accuracy. He’s a
walking computer. I was really impressed with how engaged the instructor was – I liked the class interaction. I
thought it was great.  Well worth my time and my company’s money


All the information was equally helpful. I have a better understanding of how importing works and importance of paperwork.

The best part is everything! Building the foundation of how HTS functions, then the rules and having the opportunity to work through using the codes – so helpful! This will give me confidence and resources to make my job easier and the knowledge to function more efficiently. Additionally, help save my company possible fees, now and in the future.

It created a map on how to maneuver through the Tariff. I enjoyed the whole course. I will use it weekly on our numerous exports.

Great instructor. A lot of great information for shippers.

John was very helpful and knowledgeable – the book is awesome.

The instructor was great at giving specific information to questions asked. I feel more confident in HTS
codes and knowing where I can get information.

Very educational. I like how you present the material. John, you are very engaging and I would recommend
your seminars.

The instructor was very funny and engaging. John makes the presentation enjoyable.

John’s presentation was beneficial in all areas. Great refresher course!

All of the information was new to me. It was all very informative and easy to understand. The instructor
made it easy and not boring.

The most beneficial part of the course was going through the exercises and also John’s encyclopedic

I learned things I wasn’t even aware I should know. John’s knowledge and enthusiasm on this subject was
amazing! Very interactive, fun way of teaching a subject that to me is very much not fun. Great Job!

The instructor was very knowledgeable about more than just customs. Very knowledgeable about business, other
brokers and forwarders.


I learned a lot this time and last time. I would not like to see anything done differently.

I learned a lot. It will definitely help me interact with my import staff.

The hands-on practice was very beneficial. The instruction book is very thorough.

Everything was very beneficial.

The book was fantastic!

It was all beneficial. Great class!

My position is new to me in the Customs Dept at my company. John’s experience was most beneficial to me. The
organization of the agenda and class was excellent. This class is going to enhance my current training at my

Instructor is willing to entertain questions about all Trade Compliance and injects a bit of humor into a
relatively dry subject.

The most beneficial part of the seminar was John’s passion for the subject. Enthusiastic instructor.

John is a great presenter, patient, explains clearly and easy to follow.

Everything in this course was beneficial – gave a great overview of the topic and a solid foundation for my
job.  This seminar will greatly assist me in my job duties.  Thanks for a great week!


The instructor took time to discuss how the topics were applicable to each attendee.

The most beneficial part was the real life examples, not just the machine parts. – International Logistics Coordinator

All of the course was 100% beneficial. I left the course feeling more confident about completing a NAFTA
certificate correctly. John Goodrich was an excellent instructor.

“What would you like to see done differently?”
Nothing. John Goodrich is personable, well-informed, and a very strong teacher and presenter!



Karma Ruiz


More confidence in my discussion about CTPAT and how it will benefit our company as well as confidence to develop a more robust security program prior to beginning the implementation process.

San Diego

The most beneficial part of the course was Darie’s knowledge base and her application to our real life experiences.