U.S. Customs and Border Protection

My employer, Customs and Border Protection of the Department of Homeland Security, has had numerous excellent webinars with Global Training Center. Elsa’s work with Global Training Center is of extremely high quality and has been indispensable to these successful webinars.

Elsa’s superb commitment to client service, and proactive efforts to get our participants their materials on a timely basis, have resulted in very relevant, useful and well received training sessions.

Customs and Border Protection has plans for more webinars from Global Training, and Elsa is a key reason for this successful relationship.

James F – Auditor
Office of Regulatory Audit
US Customs and Border Protection

Auditor’s Testimonials

The most beneficial parts of the course included: the review
about risk of loss, transfer of title, and unfamiliar incoterms.
The diagrams explaining the various incoterms were very beneficial.
The information provided will help me during the review of import
related transactions in regards to unfamiliar incoterms. Trudy Wilson
was very knowledgeable and did an outstanding job conducting
the presentation.

-Sr. Auditor - Texas

I will better understand any other incoterm I encounter and know
where to go to get more information on it... Trudy was a great
presenter. She made a dry subject very interesting.

-Auditor - Texas

Will definitely help in identifying various incoterms during my review.

-Auditor - Georgia

I wish I had this 10 years ago.

-Regulatory Auditor - Massachusetts

It will help further in understanding the company's terms of sales
when we conduct audits and provided additional information that
will allow for additional questions to be asked of companies.

-Supervisory Auditor - Florida

I think it's useful because it makes us recognize all the incoterm
misuse in the importing world and how we need to know the facts
for each transaction.

-Regulatory Auditor - Texas

I enjoyed the instructor's presentation. She was enthusiastic
and very knowledgeable.

-Auditor - New Jersey

The instructor was very knowledgeable about the subject and
allowed the students to reinforce what was learned via exercises.
The instructor did an excellent job with presenting the subject
and keeping the participants involved.

-Auditor - Texas