What Is A Digital Badge

A digital badge, also known as digital credential or digital achievement, is a modern way of tracking and verifying accomplishments completed by an individual. On the surface, a digital badge is a visual acknowledgement and recognition of the skills or tasks earned but the digital file itself is packed securely with data that is very valuable for the earner.

Why is this important? The earner can let everyone know about their accomplishment with verified proof of their achievements. This is very easy to do through an embedded link on a resume or website. However, the most popular method is through social networks.

You will still earn a traditional Certificate of Completion for each course you complete.  But how many people see that certificate?  Your HR manager, maybe your boss, and the few people that pass by your desk or sit around you.  With a Trade Digital Badge you can share it to all your social accounts and thousands can view your newly learned skills.  Learn how you can do that.

How does this work?

“This is the second webinar that I have attended with GTC. I have also attended actual GTC seminars and I believe that you get the same level of training just like the classroom. I will probably attend more webinars in the future.” Director Supply Chain March 25, 2020

“This was my first webinar experience with GTC and I very much enjoyed it. Obviously, it is much different than being in a classroom – but I actually prefer the webinar atmosphere now.”

“Instructor did an amazing job making this webinar engaging and interesting. It is not easy presenting in a webinar format when you can’t get the particpation feedback and it didn’t feel like a webinar. Very well done!”

“One of the most well done and beneficial webinars I have participated in. “

“Great webinar! Thank  you!”

“The most beneficial part of the class was the amount of specific attention given to our class’ business. We each got time to discuss specific challenges presented by our prospective products and situations.”

Trade Compliance Digital Badge Levels

  • Our webinar trainings are live and interactive. You may ask questions throughout the class (not just at the end of class). Our interactive webinars are NOT pre-recorded. Our instructors follow the same agenda as our walk-in seminars.
  • You will connect to the class via the internet using WebEx. A link is emailed to you for connecting. You will see the instructor’s presentation on your computer screen.
  • To ask a question, you may raise your virtual hand (click on icon) and instructor will call on you.
  • For your audio connection you may dial in or use a computer headset with a mic.  SORRY, no computer audio without a headset*.
  • We keep our webinar classes small so that we may keep phone lines open and you may interact with the instructor at any time.
  • It is one person per registration.
  • Webcams are required to attend this webinar training. Your webcam feed will not be shared with other attendees. You must use webcam to attend.
  • We ship each attendee a reference book for the class subject. These books retail between $59 – $109 each. The book is an excellent resource for each webinar training attendee to have for future reference. All standard classes include a reference book.  Please note: Our ‘specialty webinars’ do not include a reference book.

*We try to create the best learning environment for all, for that reason we highly encourage you to dial in or use a headset with a mic for computer audio to keep feedback to a minimum.


Full-Day Webinars Topics

Exporting Procedures
International Letters of Credit
International Logistics
Tariff Classification
Importing Procedures
Importing 201

Half-Day Webinars Topics

Export to Mexico
Export to Canada

Specialty Webinars Topics

Automotive Tariff Classification
Automotive NAFTA
Export Administration Regulations EAR