What Is A Digital Badge

A digital badge, also known as digital credential or digital achievement, is a modern way of tracking and verifying accomplishments completed by an individual. On the surface, a digital badge is a visual acknowledgement and recognition of the skills or tasks earned but the digital file itself is packed securely with data that is very valuable for the earner.

Why is this important? You can let everyone know about your accomplishment with verified proof of your achievements and newly earned skills. This is very easy to do through a number of mediums including your resume or personal website using an embedded link. However, the most popular method is through social networks.

You will still earn a traditional Certificate of Completion for each course you complete.  But how many people see that certificate?  Your HR manager, maybe your boss, and the few people that wallk by your desk.  With a Trade Compliance Digital BadgeTM you can share it to all your social accounts and thousands can view your newly learned skills.  Learn how you can do that.

How does this work?

When you attend any of the Global Training Center (GTC) trade compliance training, in any of the following formats:

  • In-person trade and customs compliance seminars throughout the U.S.
  • Online trade and customs compliance webinars
  • Online e-learning on-demand trade and customs compliance courses

Any of the trade and customs training mentioned above will earn a traditional Certificate of Completion and a Trade Compliance Digital Badge as well.  The badges are awarded when you fully complete any of the courses described above.  Attendance must be verified by GTC which is done through your physical attendance at an in-person seminar or you must have your webcam on during any of the web-based webinar training sessions.

Upon successful completion of the course, both the certificate and the digital badge is attached to your profile on the GTC website.  You will get an email notification as well as access through your profile on the website with your achievements linked.

Your digital badge can be viewed, downloaded, or shared.  Because your Trade Compliance Digital BadgeTM is awarded through our platform and stored in our database you will always be able to view important information tied to your achievement.  This information includes:

  • Earner name – Your name will always be tied to the digital badge file in a secured format
  • Issuer – Global Training Center will display to show who issued the badge
  • Date – The date the badge was issued
  • Expiration Date – The expiration date of the digital badge, usually 1 year after earning
  • Verification – If any of the data embedded on the digital badge file is tampered with, it will not cross reference correctly with our database and therefore not verify. A physical proof and verification of the badge is acknowledged within the badge itself

Trade Compliance Digital Badge Levels

Level 1 Badge
This badge is earned when you attend or complete any eligible course in full.  For live training, such as a seminar or webinar, you are required to physically attended and remain in attendance for the entire duration of the class.  For seminars, we require that you sign in when you arrive and the instructor will verify that you have not left the training early.  For a webinar, you will be required to have your webcam on during the entire course for us to verify your attendance.


Level 2 Badge (Coming Soon)
You will earn this badge when you take a final exam for the course and pass with a grade of 70% or better.  Exams are based on the content covered during the training and the textbook (if one is provided for the course).



Level 3 Badge (Coming Soon)
You will earn this badge when you take a final exam for the course and pass with a grade of 100%.  Exams are based on the content covered during the training and the textbook (if one is provided for the course).


Full-Day Webinars Topics

Exporting Procedures
International Letters of Credit
International Logistics
Tariff Classification
Importing Procedures
Importing 201

Half-Day Webinars Topics

Export to Mexico
Export to Canada

Specialty Webinars Topics

Automotive Tariff Classification
Automotive NAFTA
Export Administration Regulations EAR