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  • Make the world your market
    Expand sales and start shipping globally. Increase margins by sourcing globally. We will teach you the requirements
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    Webinars are the exact same content as walk-in seminars and you receive the same training and materials. View Schedule
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Why Global Training Center?

Dedicated to Education - Where others use training seminars/webinars as a means to generate information and leads for their core business, usually consulting, software or legal practice, GTC was founded and continues to operate on the fundamental notion of educating individuals on international trade and customs matters. 

For over 24 years we have provided training to the international trade community. We have become the market leader as a result of dedicated customers coming back every year for additional training and continued recommendations from them as well.

Seminars and Webinars are certified by The NCBFAA Educational Institute.


Class room style training designed to provide you with intensive knowledge of important international trade topics.

Upcoming Seminars


Live, interactive, and instructor-led training right in your office. The best way to stay up-to-date without the travel..

Upcoming Webinars


Excellent up-to-date materials for comprehending the complex topics of international trade.

Global Trade Library


Private training at your location that is tailored specifically to meet the needs of your company.

On-Site Training

  • Testimonials from January 2015 Webinar

    I appreciate and thank you very much for expanding my knowledge as I grow within my company with learning and understanding how Exporting works. I came to the class in the beginning not knowing very much and left with a mind full of much needed information. 

    I think it's great that we can interact with the instructor live. she was very attentive and ready to answer all the questions. Excellent instructor

    It was such a great presentation. Also, the textbook is amazing. It pretty much covers everything I need.
  • Testimonial from August 13, 2014 Tariff class:

    Mr. O'meara was a fantastic and enthusiastic instructor and really made something that can be extremely confusing very simple. I would recommend this class to others.
  • Testimonials from July 17, 2014 class:

    Hands down the best course I have attended!! Very informational!John Goodrich did an outstanding job presenting the materials to the entire class.
  • Testimonial from May 16, 2014 NAFTA class:

    The course was excellent! The instructor was fantastic! I look forward to attending future classes.
  • Testimonial from April 7, 2014 class:

    Both webinars that I have attending through Global Training Center have been packed with much needed information. There has never been a dull moment, and I have enjoyed the class interaction. I have and will continue to recommend Global Training Center's webinars & seminars to anyone interested in this line of training. 
    Love you guys...you have helped me a lot to improve and grow in my work place...
  • Testimonial from March 5, 2014 class:

    I truly enjoyed this class. There was so much information covered, I did not have time to watch the clock. This webinar would be an asset to any organization within the exporting business. I'm so glad that we received the wonderful book to use as a reference going forward. Thank you!
  • Testimonial from December 4, 2013 class:

    A trainer that knows what she is talking about! I am going back with more knowledge than I came here with.
  • Testimonial from March 25 & 26, 2013 classes:

    "This was our second class with John in two days and again I would not do anything differently. We really liked the training and have already recommended it to our other sites that are looking to clean up trade compliance."
  • Testimonial from January 30, 2013 class:

    "I am so glad I started taking these classes from Global Training Center. The 2 classes I have already taken were very informative. It is a good way to get some extra training on a budget. I am already sceduled to take the Mexico class in March & plan to take an additional class in April."
  • Testimonial from January 31, 2013 class:

    "I thought the webinar was excellently done. The materials are fantastic. It is well worth the money to have someone else research the Customs website and pull the pertinent items out. The wealth of knowledge provided was also immensely helpful for new Trade Compliance personnel and/or departments. Having extra time at the end to ask specific questions was a nice touch also."
  • Testimonial from June 13, 2013 class:

    "Webinar is the way to go if you are one that either does not have time or does not like to travel. You are able to communicate with your host thru chat and phone line. Able to hear others questions and answers. It had a personal touch. I came away from this much more knowledgable and secure. Letters of Credit are no longer intimidating. Thank you Global Training Center"
  • Testimonial from May 16, 2013 class:

    I have been to other Incoterm webinars and I have to say, the instructor did a much better job of explaining things and the use of the power point presentation and the book will be such great reference guides. Thank you so much for the training.
  • Testimonial from May 16, 2013 class:

    I appreciate that the presenter gave a lot of true examples to better understand each incoterm and its importance on the sellet's buyer's side... The instructor was very empathetic, made it easy to understand and very simple to figure out transfer of risks and also the differences between 2000 and 2010. I really appreciate she took the time to suggest the 7 main incoterms to use and what to shy away from. Excellent presentation!!!
    Love you guys...you have helped me a lot to improve and grow in my work place...