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Who Should Attend Webinars?

The best training experience is hands down Global Training Center’s in-person seminars.  But, the next best training option is Global Training Center’s Webinars.

Our webinars are live and interactive. NOT pre-recorded. You may ask questions throughout the class (not just at the end). Our instructors use the same agenda as our in-person seminars.  

You should consider a webinar if …..

  • The training you need is not offered in your area
  • Your company has a limited travel budget
  • You do not like to travel
  • You cannot make the scheduled date
  • You are short staffed and need to be in the office

How Does a Webinar Work?

You will connect to the class via the internet. You will see the instructor’s presentation on your screen. To ask a question, you may raise your hand (click on icon) or type your question in the CHAT box. Your reference book will be shipped directly to you. Price covers shipping to United States (except Alaska & Hawaii).

Audio: In order to provide quality sound we ask that you dial in via telephone for the audio connection.  We will provide a toll free number (within United States) once you join the meeting on your computer.  Sorry no computer headsets allowed. It has been our experience that headsets using VOIP (headsets connected to computers) create feedback noise and/or echoes.  In some cases it has been disruptive for the class.  Please understand that our goal is to provide professional and quality classes.  We appreciate your cooperation.

The following link has the requirements for the connection to the webinar:

You may test your connection at the following link:

Webinar Testimonials:

"GREAT CLASS. John is easy to listen to and engages the class. I feel confident he is knowledgeable and teaching accurate information. Thanks!"

"I enjoyed the presenter, he seemed very knowledgeable. Love the book! Very good webinar." 

"Once again...fantastic." 

"First all day day Webinar I have participated in. Very well presented - I liked the ability to interact during the presentation & not just at the end."

"John has a great presentation that is formatted for easy follow-along. Although it's a webinar, he created a classroom environment encouraging participation & took time to answer individual questions. Thank you!"

"This was an excellent class, I really enjoyed it and I learned a lot. I really like the interaction with the instructor as well as the other students."

"Webinar is the way to go if you are not one that either does not have time or does not like to travel. You are able to communicate with your host thru chat and phone line. Able to hear others questions and answers. It had a personal touch. I came away from this much more knowledgable and secure. Letters of Credit are no longer intimidating. Thank you Global Training Center."

"Cathy is a great instructor. It was immediately evident that she was very familiar with the material being covered and she was able to answer all the questions that arose during the course of the webinar."

"The platform was great. I highly enjoyed how interactive it was and that you could see the instructor. No matter how lively a webinar, by hour 3 you are falling asleep and the visual/personal connection got rid of that. Good choice."