John Goodrich

John Goodrich

John D. Goodrich is an International Trade Consultant and Licensed Customhouse Broker with more than twenty-five years of experience in international trade. He is currently the principal in the consulting firm of JD Goodrich & Associates where his varied industry experience results in practical, actionable advice for his clients.

An active member in the Twin Cities round table of the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP), he takes a strategic view of the roles of international compliance and logistics in the greater supply chain.

Mr. Goodrich is an engaging trainer and speaker on a variety of international logistics and compliance subjects.

In addition, Mr. Goodrich has authored numerous trade-related articles and five texts, most are available at Global Training Center:

Mr. Goodrich graduated Cum Laude from Kalamazoo College in Kalamazoo Michigan with majors in Economics and German and a minor in International Commerce. He performed graduate studies in Economics and German at the University of Bonn in Germany. He is also a member of Phi Beta Kappa.

Mr. Goodrich and his family reside in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.

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Instructor's Seminar Schedule

Chicago, ILNAFTA Rules of Origin07-23-2014DETAILS
Chicago, ILImport Documentation07-24-2014DETAILS
Chicago, ILImport Audit Compliance07-25-2014DETAILS
Minneapolis, MNTariff Classification08-25-2014DETAILS
Minneapolis, MNNAFTA Rules of Origin08-26-2014DETAILS
Minneapolis, MNImport Documentation08-27-2014DETAILS
Minneapolis, MNImport Audit Compliance08-28-2014DETAILS
Milwaukee, WIImport Documentation10-14-2014DETAILS
Milwaukee, WIExport Documentation10-15-2014DETAILS
Milwaukee, WITariff Classification10-16-2014DETAILS
Milwaukee, WINAFTA Rules of Origin10-17-2014DETAILS
Chicago, ILExport Documentation11-17-2014DETAILS
Chicago, ILTariff Classification11-18-2014DETAILS
Chicago, ILNAFTA Rules of Origin11-19-2014DETAILS
Chicago, ILImport Documentation11-20-2014DETAILS
Chicago, ILImport Audit Compliance11-21-2014DETAILS
Minneapolis, MNTariff Classification12-15-2014DETAILS
Minneapolis, MNNAFTA Rules of Origin12-16-2014DETAILS
Minneapolis, MNImport Documentation12-17-2014DETAILS
Minneapolis, MNImport Audit Compliance12-18-2014DETAILS

Instructor's Webinar Schedule

Import Documentation08-11-2014REGISTER
Import Audit Compliance08-12-2014REGISTER
Tariff Classification09-08-2014REGISTER
NAFTA Rules of Origin09-09-2014REGISTER
Export to Canada09-10-2014REGISTER
Import Documentation11-12-2014REGISTER
Import Audit Compliance11-13-2014REGISTER
Tariff Classification12-08-2014REGISTER
NAFTA Rules of Origin12-09-2014REGISTER
Export to Canada12-10-2014REGISTER