Trudy Wilson

Trudy is very knowledgeable and makes it fun for material which isn't so fun. Great teacher!
The class was very informative and the presenter kept the class moving with witty humor and life experiences. I give Trudy all fives for her job teaching this class. I would reccomend all EX/IM individuals taking this class.
Excellent information - high energy instructor.
Trudy did an excellent job, very personable and knowledgeable.
Trudy was so knowledgeable and a great presenter!
"I'd prefer to be at training "in person" versus webinar, but as a webinar, it was very informational....
I liked how people were able to questions while in each section of materials vs. having to wait until end of the webinar. "
Great Speaker! Trudy does an absolute great job engaging the audience and making what could be a dull subject, very interesting. It is hard to involve the audience in trainings such as this and I will continue to use Global Training Center. Hope to get Trudy again!
Trudy was an excellent trainer.  I’ve learned so much from her and she made it exciting and worth going. I’ll be taking more classes, hopefully with Trudy as the trainer. 
Instructor was awesome, upbeat and fun. Lots of good info, learned a lot.
Most fun, interactive documentation training I have had!
I enjoyed the exercises and the flexibility to discuss with others. It was all very necessary and good!
I had extremely minimal knowledge of NAFTA before today.  Absolutely glad I took this class.  It will impact how/when I claim NAFTA!! Trudy is the BEST!
The most beneficial part of the seminar was the topic on reviewing funding items in the schedule. The examples were helpful. I enjoyed Trudy’s energy!! She made the class(es) fun. Trudy is an excellent presenter who gave an excellent presentation.
Always enjoy your classes.
Trudy, great instructor.
How will this class impact your job performance?
Tremendously, and the instructor was phenomenal.
Every single chapter was most beneficial. Trudy Wilson made it simple, easy and understandable. She created a very interactive seminar. The follow up and support she offered were great.
The most beneficial part of the seminar was the presentation of the material and the explanation of Exworks and FCA. Trudy delivered her information in a very good manner. She also answered all questions and did not teach down to us. She kept things simple and easy to understand.
Very informative, easy to follow instructor who was knowledgeable and professional.
The resources offered were very beneficial. Trudy, the instructor, was great and a lot of fun.
I have been in the industry over 25 years and am a Licensed Broker and thought this was a great refresher course! Great pace and I learned a lot. Been to several other training courses that didn't add much value, but this one was very beneficial! Great job!
How will this class impact your job performance?
Greatly! Trudy did a fantastic job, was knowledgeable and kept my attention.
Trudy Wilson

Paul Patterson

I think you did a great job. Very knowledgeable on the subject.
This class was very helpful and the trainer was great.
I found everything beneficial - instructor is very knowledgeable, charming and delightful in his approach and delivery; enjoyed class very much. Appreciate his expertise in trade compliance career and his very interesting anecdotes.
The instructor was incredibly knowledgeable on the topic.  He helped increase my comfort level on completing the NAFTA Certificates and when to specify when to and when not to complete one.  In my company we have no one that was willing to complete the forms and I feel better about taking on that responsibility.
The most beneficial part of the seminar was the ability of the instructor to keep my attention. Great job!!
As a newcomer to export, it was all instructive. Loved Paul's style of presentation/teaching.
The most beneficial part of the seminar was the actual and visual chain of responsibility for the product and/or sale. It was very good of Paul Patterson to give examples of his experiences.
This whole course touched on what I needed.  I think this class really helped me understand my job so much more. 
The instructor was amazing. He made a very difficult topic easier to understand.
Paul, was a pleasure to learn under. He is extremely knowledgeable in the subjects he taught. He also took time to address each and every question that came up. I have been to many management training courses but Paul is a stand-out presenter to me. My employee Amber, who came with me on this trip, also enjoyed him very much as well. In her words, “he brought it down to our level, and helped us understand. It felt like he worked beside us every day.”
Paul was very easy to understand. The information was presented clearly.
The seminar was very detailed and informative. Paul also provided excellent resources and web tools.
Very informal.  As a “newbie” to shipping the whole class was easy to understand.  Thanks, Paul!!
Paul Patterson

John Goodrich

Great instructor. A lot of great information for shippers.
John was very helpful and knowledgeable - the book is awesome.
The instructor was great at giving specific information to questions asked. I feel more confident in HTS codes and knowing where I can get information.
Very educational. I like how you present the material. John, you are very engaging and I would recommend your seminars.
The instructor was very funny and engaging. John makes the presentation enjoyable.
John’s presentation was beneficial in all areas. Great refresher course!
All of the information was new to me. It was all very informative and easy to understand. The instructor made it easy and not boring.
The most beneficial part of the course was going through the exercises and also John's encyclopedic knowledge.
I learned things I wasn't even aware I should know. John's knowledge and enthusiasm on this subject was amazing! Very interactive, fun way of teaching a subject that to me is very much not fun. Great Job!
The instructor was very knowledgeable about more than just customs. Very knowledgeable about business, other brokers and forwarders.
Instructor is willing to entertain questions about all Trade Compliance and injects a bit of humor into a relatively dry subject.
The most beneficial part of the seminar was John's passion for the subject. Enthusiastic instructor.
John is a great presenter, patient, explains clearly and easy to follow.
Everything in this course was beneficial - gave a great overview of the topic and a solid foundation for my job.  This seminar will greatly assist me in my job duties.  Thanks for a great week!
"What would you like to see done differently?"
Nothing. John Goodrich is personable, well-informed, and a very strong teacher and presenter!
Excellent presenter; material was just what I needed.
Enjoyed the class, felt I gained a lot of information that will help me to organize my record keeping and self auditing our importation documentation which, I did not know.
I've taken this very seminar two years in a row. John has changed his presentation from the first time, thus keeping the material fresh and to the point. I don't know how he can memorize the tariff with such accuracy. He's a walking computer. I was really impressed with how engaged the instructor was - I liked the class interaction. I thought it was great.  Well worth my time and my company’s money
John Goodrich

Catherine J Petersen

I just received my copy of "Exporting: Regulations Documentation Procedures", from GTC. I've been looking through it over my lunch break and am just overwhelmed by how well it's put together. So many of my questions have now been answered and in just in the last hour!
Instructor was great. Provided relevant and helpful info.
The most beneficial part of the course was the open forum. Catherine presented material in an easy to follow, conversational forum.
Cathy was very knowledgeable and she made the class fun! I am so glad I attended this seminar.
Cathy has a great teaching style. She was very clear with instruction and answering questions.
C.J. Peterson, the presenter, was the most beneficial part of the seminar. She clearly understands the topic/subject in theory and practice.
Cathy Petersen did a fantastic job! Great presentation.
Cathy was very clear and well-spoken with answering questions.
San Diego
I have a lot more knowledge and can present items with more confidence and negotiate with our forwarders with confidence.
The book will be an excellent resource going forward as well as the links to various government agencies provided. I felt it was very beneficial to interact with the instructor during the training and hear other participant’s questions and experiences with exports.  I enjoyed the instructor very much! 
The instructor (Catherine Petersen) was very positive, patient and knowledgeable. I was very impressed with her. 
The overall course was very helpful and I was pleased with the instructor, who was very knowledgeable.
It was a wonderful training, very well instructed, and very informative.  I'm so thankful I got the priviledge to attend this seminar.
Catherine J'Petersen

Arthur O'Meara

St. Louis 
This is one of the best offsite training's I've had.
Arthur did a wonderful job. It was an informative and educational experience. Arthur made it very easy for everyone to understand the material when he involved the entire class in the examples. 
Arthur gave easy to understand examples in plain language. The presenter’s knowledge of the material and the industry were most beneficial. The discussion regarding freight forwarders, customs brokers and ocean bill of lading were most beneficial. Arthur O’Meara is an excellent, engaging and effective instructor.
Overall good material and good presentation.  I like how the instructor required participation from all participants.  The instructor really made us think about our internal controls/processes and how we can make them better.
All of the information presented was very beneficial. The knowledge gained will prove to be very rewarding as I will also share this with my colleagues and use it in my workload.
The seminar was all beneficial. Many topics were touched on. Arthur was very knowledgeable. He was very interesting and kept the seminar from becoming boring.
I just wanted to thank you for the classes. The three I took were very informative, even with my somewhat established background. I was trained early on in what to do, but not the why. I’ve been back to work one day and we’re already making adjustments for the better.
Loved the interaction from the instructor (Arthur O’Meara), kept the class involved at all times.
Awesome instructor! He made the class enjoyable. Love his music, too! I took this class because a coworker loved the instructor! Edge of seat excitement and learning!
Arthur is a great teacher! Took time with everyone as a class and has a great personality.
Arthur is very entertaining this was the class I needed the most and came out of it feeling very informed
Arthur was engaging and presented the material in a great way. Coming from a place of zero experience in Tariff Classification I feel like I'm leaving with a much better understanding. It was a great introduction to future Tariff Classification needs.
Best class I've had offsite! Course overall was amazing.
The instructor explained terms clearly and spoke in a way that inexperienced attendees could understand.
The most beneficial part of the seminar was the review of HTC codes. Mr. O’Meara is intelligent, lively and knows his material. He is a highly recommended instructor.
Thank you for the training. Having only been on the job one year, it has been helpful to have a more debt understanding of rules, regulations and terms. I am going to try to attend more of your workshops. I think they would be very helpful. You are a wonderful speaker. Very easy to follow and it keeps people engaged. Your "tone" made it easy to listen to you. You would make a great college professor.
The way the instructor phrased terms and used them in examples to get the point across. This will give me a better understanding on an international logistics standpoint and not just import/export.
Arthur O'Meara

Michael Laden


"It has provided a great foundation and a decent road map to C-TPAT Certification. We have way too many of our containers pulled for "Random" Inspections and I want to develope a program/manual for the Import process of our company."

"I really enjoyed the class. Michael Laden made the webinar interesting and answered all the questions that were asked. He was able to cover everything that was needed and presented in the book."

"The material that was sent was very helpful during the webinar. It explained everything that was essential to the C-TPAT."

"Credentials of the speakers was commendable"

"Overall the webinar was excellent! I really enjoyed the background information as to why and how the program was initiated, hearing Michael and Kelby's personal experiences, and insight into how the program is managed today."

"Overall an excellent class and very informative"

"Very well presented. I would recommend to others."

"As my company continues to debate if we should become CTPAT certified, I can intelligently address both sides of the debate."

Michael Laden