Customs Broker Exam Study Prep Course

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Customs Broker Exam Study Prep Course

Pass the Customs Broker Exam

We take the guesswork out of passing the customs broker exam. We tell you what to study, but also what to avoid studying. We test your weaknesses and strengths, and drill you until your weaknesses disappear. Following our program fully will get you your customs broker license.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) will conduct the next Customs Broker License Examination on Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Online Course

As soon as you register, the course begins for you. Your course coordinator will set you up and email you connection information.
  • You will pass . We guarantee it. If you do not pass, and if you have followed our program completely and completed all the exercises and attended all training sessions, then you get the course for free the next time the course is offered.. It's not much of risk for us because our success rate is so high.
  • Personalized Homework and Tutoring . We tailor our course to you. We diagnose your weaknesses and then assign exercises to improve your command of the topic and enhance your test-taking skills. After you do the exercises, we repeat until success is achieved. Regular tutoring sessions are offered to further brush up on material.
  • 24/7 Online . Our course offers online quizzes, tests, and important course information. No special software needed. Some of our students take only the online course and do just fine on the broker exam, while others combine the online course with one or more of our boot camps.
  • Materials . Our course now supplies each student with the necessary books for their first exam. We will give you the 19 CFR and the HTSUS with catalog rack.

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