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Troy Larkin

Troy Larkin is founder and president of CBC (CITTA Brokerage Company) and CITTA, Inc., consulting
companies specializing in duty drawback and multistate, federal, and foreign non-income tax issues.

Educated at Weber State University in Ogden, Utah; majored in business administration. Troy is also a United States Customs Broker.

More than thirty years in the field of non-income taxes, with expertise acquired in these areas:
▪ United States Customs duties and Internal Revenue taxes related to international trade.
▪ Federal excise taxes.
▪ Multistate excise taxes, transaction taxes, ad valorem taxes, and fees.
▪ Value-added taxes and fuel excise taxes in various foreign countries.
Approximately thirty years specializing in the following taxation issues related to air carriers:
▪ Drawback of duties paid on aviation fuel.
▪ Federal excise taxes on fuels and air transportation.
▪ Multistate property taxes on aircraft and other airline property.
▪ Multistate excise taxes on fuels and sales and use taxes.
▪ Value-added taxes and fuel excise taxes in various foreign countries

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