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International Trade Compliance Training to Build, Sharpen your Skills, and Keep you Compliant

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Why Trade Compliance?

International trade rules and regulations change constantly, thus disrupting your business process. With your day-to-day responsibilities, who has time to keep up with regulatory changes and updates? It is very likely that there will come a time when you will come across challenges and uncertainties. Not addressing those properly can result in fines and penalties, and criminal charges.

Ignorance is not an excuse.

Start facing trade challenges with confidence. Protect yourself and your business, and keep the ball rolling. Let’s get started on the right import export education now.

I found all topics beneficial. Provides a refresher and better understanding on this subject. Excellent and articulate presentation. This training was very well done!

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In-person or virtual, learn from a large number of trade and customs topics.

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Discover tips and procedures you can use right away and begin implementing them in your trade program.

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Have confidence in the documentation and process for all your import/export transactions.

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More Than 100+ Satisfied Client Testimonials

We love receiving feedback from our clients! This way we can stay on top of our service and provide you with the knowledge you need to succeed in the industry.

"I cannot say enough about how wonderful the training session was. The instructor created a comfortable, friendly environment while still teaching a large amount of material in a way that was easily understood. Participant feedback and questions were encouraged and responded to quickly. I came away feeling much more confident about a process that was new to me going in to the session. I also feel confident in looking up additional resource information, as applicable to situations I may find myself in going forward."

    Trade Compliance Manager

    "It was very helpful. The instructor was very knowledgeable and so helpful. The instructor had us participate and kept it interesting. He asked about our businesses and what classifications we used and tried to tie it in to the webinar."

      Purchasing Manager

      "As an import auditor for CBP I thought the whole course was beneficial and it really reinforced some of the import rules and regulations that I previously learned. Also, some material was new and that is very helpful."

        Senior Auditor

        "It was very informative. I am very pleased with the fact that we were given a book so that I can go back and look up things I'm still struggling with. The instructor was very knowledgeable and help with specific items and questions regarding my company."

          Compliance Specialists

          "The instructor's availability for questions was great! She gave us plenty of opportunities to ask them and gave thorough answers to each."

            Materials Manager

            "Excellent presentation and interaction with the attendees. He was very friendly and easy to talk to, and that makes you wanting to participate; you learn better, as a result."

              Logistics Coordinator

              "The structure of the course and the material was well-thought-out and allowed me to really dive into the content. The foundations the instructor built at the beginning were evident throughout the full day's course and reiterated well and at strategic times. The instructor was engaging and very receptive to questions and examples and encouraged participation without creating the feeling of being "picked on" or "singled out" for experience (or lack thereof). I learned a lot during this session and would love to continue taking these types of seminars because I learned a lot and it is doing to be directly applicable to my role!"

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