Private Trade Compliance Training

on Import & Export Customs Rules & Regulations

Consider a Private Training, Because Trade Compliance is Important

If you need to train 3 or 100 employees we can help! We will come to your facility to conduct a customized, private trade compliance training for your group. Request a quote and someone will reply within 24 hours!

A few reasons to consider a customized training from Global Training Center

  1. Trade Compliance is the law
  2. Protect your company
  3. Build a Compliance Culture
  4. Obtain up-to-date comprehensive information that takes years to gather
  5. A personalized seminar provides a confidential atmosphere where issues can be discussed productively with an experienced consultant.
  6. Successful international trading depends on the effectiveness of all departments working together.
  7. A training seminar involving key personnel from every department will help to build a team effort toward a common goal.
  8. When key personnel are familiar with the details of a transaction, it can save time and money – while also helping to develop and maintain an important high level of customer satisfaction.
  9. Seminars are planned to accommodate your schedule – at your site – eliminating employee travel expenses and creating an opportunity for a larger number of personnel to participate.
  10. The Instructor will contact you prior to your seminar to review the agenda, ensuring that your specific issues and training needs are addressed.


  • Communicate the importance of compliance to all departments
  • Develop a greater understanding of international trade opportunities
  • Receive training from an experienced specialist on a topic you select and focus your training on the areas you specify
  • Identify all the steps involved in international transactions
  • Receive detailed answers to your specific questions
  • Communicate better so each department understands its role
  • Explore ways to avoid discrepancies in documentation
  • Create a confidential atmosphere where issues can be discussed productively with an experienced consultant


…not limited to these topics

  • AES (Automated Export System)
  • Air & Ocean Transportation
  • C-TPAT
  • Duty Drawback
  • EAR
  • Export Documentation
  • Exporting to Canada
  • Exporting to Mexico
  • Import Audit Assessment
  • Import Documentation & Procedures
  • Incoterms(R) Rules 2010
  • ITAR
  • Letters of Credit
  • NAFTA Rules of Origin
  • NAFTA For Automotive Industry
  • Tariff Classification
  • Tariff Classification for Automotive Industry

Compare Seminar to Private Training

Engage & interact with instructor
Receive reference manual
Tailor agenda to skip irrelevant topics
Tailor agenda to emphasize relevant topics
Private, confidential environment
Flexible schedule
Include company’s example in PPT
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