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Incoterms Strategies

Course Description

So now that you have learned the Incoterms basics, you want to take this class to learn which term is the best fit for your company and how to maximize your profit! A level II class on the application of Incoterms® Rules in purchases and sales. Incoterms training will review the strategy and tactics of negotiating the minimization of landed cost and the maximization of profit from both perspectives purchasing and salesIMPORTANT: This Incoterms course will focus on ‘most commonly used trade terms’, which would be terms for goods shipped in a container.

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This course has a prerequisite. Incoterms Rules 2010 class should be completed before taking Incoterms Strategies class.

What you will learn

  • Responsibilities and obligations for the seller and the buyer
  • Apply rules related to various Incoterms to purchases and sales
  • Product transportation and risk of loss
  • Negotiating strategies and tactics for transportation, risk/responsibility, title transfer and payment terms
  • Incoterms rules as applied to freight prepaid and freight collect shipments

Course Will Benefit

For importers & exporters who sell goods in full containers or LCL. Employees of Exporters, employees of Importers, Purchasing, Sales/Marketing, Logistics, Traffic, Customer Service, Credit Managers, Controllers, Engineering, Legal, Customs Brokers, Freight Forwarders. Anyone involved or with the responsibility for International Documentation, Compliance Rules and Regulations.

Incoterms training is excellent for beginners and also serves as a refresher for experienced professionals. Instructor will level set the course based on attendees.

Per Person

Small Class Size
3.5 Hrs Teaching
Printed Book Included
Certificate of Completion
3.5 CES/CCS/CEU Credits

Half-Day Class

Seminar Time: 8:30am-Noon Local Time
Webinar Time: 9am – 12:30pm CT
One 15min break

Certificate Issued Upon Completion

Course has been approved to

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